Full name of the country: Republic of Uzbekistan

Area: 44 897 square kilometers

Population: nearly 27 555 400 (for January1, 2009), 37% - urban, 63% - rural

Nations: 80% Uzbeks, 5% Tajiks, 3,5% Russians, 3,1% Kazakhs, 2,2% Karakalpaks, 2,1% other nationalities - 1,0% Tatars, 0,9% Kirghizs, 0,6% Turkmens, 0,6% Koreans, 0,1% Jews.

Languages: Uzbek, Russian

Branches of national economy: textile, food industry, machinery construction, metallurgy, natural gas production, cotton-growing, vegetable growing, seed production, fruits, animal husbandry.

Main partners: Russia, Ukraine, Europe, CIS countries, Czechoslovakia, South Korea, China.

Time zone: GMT + 5:00 Tashkent

Voltage: 220V, 50Hz

System of measures and weights: metric

Uzbekistan is an ancient centre of culture, situated between the Amu Darya and the Syr Darya rivers, and, from historical point of view, the most exciting republic in Central Asia. The most ancient cities in the world are located here, several main centers of the Great Silk Road, and the most amazing architectural treasures of the region. Uzbekistan is located in the very heart of Central Asia and borders upon other states of this region.