Right motivation of partners and employees is guarantee of success of your business.

Incentive is a system of motivation with the help of jointly organized trip. It has established a good reputation in business sphere.

The trip can motivate as executive staff, best employees, and specialists, as business partners for their devotion and contribution to company proceedings. Incentive trip is a good way to combine vacation and business, for example: to summarize annual work, to present new programs or products, to introduce advertising campaign, to organize staff training.

“Turan Travel Service Ltd” will help you create pleasant work atmosphere by selecting hotel with equipped conference hall, providing with Russian-speaking attendant. Entertainment program abilities are limitless – from sport contests between trip participants to corporate parties in colorful national restaurants.

Our staff develops individual incentive tour programs for every client, because each of them has their own view about good vacation, personal requirements and wishes.

Incentive program ideas, represented here, will help you orientate in the “sea” of business tourism opportunities, give you opportunity to choose unusual element for your individual program.