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The development of ecotourism in Uzbekistan


Eco-tourism - one of the modern forms of human activity, popular all over the world, developing kind of tourism at Interesting eco-regional areas of our Planet, one of which is Uzbekistan, located in the heart of Central Asia.

Ecotourism in UzbekistanEco - tour

While traveling in Uzbekistan, in one day you can cross different climatic zones from the mountains to the desert! Nature of Uzbekistan is unique, containing the Sands of Kyzyl-Kum desert (red sands) and snow-capped mountains of the Western Tien Shan, as well as rare juniper, tugai forests and saxaul forests.

Sands of Kyzyl Kum deserttops of the mountains of the Western Tien Shanjuniper, riparian and saxaul forests

Uzbekistan - the heart of the beautiful nature and ancient culture. This is one of the oldest places of human settlement of the stone and bronze age, where appeared such ancient cities as Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent. 

You will be interested to see the caves inhabited by the ancient people, their rock paintings - petroglyphs and learn that anthropogenic development of these areas through the creation of irrigation canals began in the Bronze Age 7 thousand years ago.

cave drawings petroglyphs rock drawings

Nature of Central Asia is beautiful, but fragile and vulnerable. Many types of animals of Uzbekistan are included into the Red Book. 

In nature reserves of Uzbekistan are living  rare animals of our planet: Bukhara deer hangul (the khan's flower), snow leopard, white-clawed Tien Shan bear, mountain goats and horned gazelles! You will have the opportunity to visit specially protected natural territories of Uzbekistan and see them with your own eyes.

snow leopardTien Shan white-clawed bear

World of nature unthinkable without plants the essential components of each ecosystem.

Endemic (found only in this area), the plants of Central Asia - Tulips and Eremurus, Ostrovsky majestic and saxaul, not giving the shadows you will not see anywhere else!

TulipsOstrovsky majestic

Not only the wild flora of different areas,but also cultural landscapes gardens are interesting and very useful for Uzbekistan - is fruit orchards and vineyards that give generous harvests, urban decorative landscaped parks and gardens of Uzbekistan.

decorative landscape parksgardens

For fans of history and archeology Uzbekistan gives a lot of opportunities.

Uzbek culture is included in the list of World cultural heritage of UNESCO, because there are monuments of ancient, medieval and unique modern culture. Treasures of the museum collections of Uzbekistan compete with collections of famous museums in the world. But "the pearl of pearls" are architecture treasures of the ancient cities of Uzbekistan, each of which has its own unique epithet, image, and silhouette.

Tashkent - the capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the ancient and modern city at the same time! With a long history of 2200 years. Architectural ensembles, museums and art galleries, gardens and parks, luxurious oriental bazaars, ancient architectural monuments and wonderful fountains - all this is Tashkent! 

Tashkent. Uzbekistan

Samarkand - the city of the great Timur! In 2007, was noted the 2750th anniversary!

Samarkand. Uzbekistan

According to legend, when laying the citadel of Bukhara, 2,500 years ago, were guided by celestial constellation of of the Great Bear.


Khiva emerged as a city in the desert, near the well, where took water thirsty caravans. "Khi-vah!" - Shouted the people, hence the name of Khiva!


All ancient cities arose along the river beds.

Uzbekistan also has lakes: icy mountain, salted oxbow, and man-made, created by people. There is even the sea in the desert!

Charvak Lake Aydarkul Charvak reservoir

Ecological culture is unthinkable without respect for national traditions -  arts and crafts (ceramics, carpets, Suzanne, woodcarving and ganch), national holidays (Nowruz), old customs, folk ceremonies , cuisine (plov, samsa, halva).


But there are also intangible treasures of spiritual culture of the people!

The wisdom of Eastern thinkers, philosophers, poets shines through the mist of centuries

Abu-Ali ibn-Sino Al-KhwarizmiAbu Rayhan Beruni

Uzbekistan - the land where   over the centuries passed preachers of all world religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Islam).

Orthodox religion Islam Catholic religion

Uzbekistan - ecologically and climatically favorable region for the promotion of health, recreational ecotourism - one more attractive facet of eco travel in Uzbekistan!

"Get involved in a cohort of great travelers and discoverers of Asia!", Among which in different ages Uzbekistan visited the Italian Marco Polo, the Spaniard Ruy Gonzalez de Clavijo, Chinese Xuan Jian, the Frenchman Gabriel Bonvalot, German Johann von Schiltberger, American Pumpelly, Russian travelers Fedchenko Oshanin , Przewalski, Semenov-Tien Shan, Swiss Ella Maillard. They all left the amazing stories about Central Asia.

And you can create your photo album, make a video, and even write a book or just get extraordinary experience of ecotourism in Uzbekistan

Materials developed by art historian, ecologist, local historian, guide of the National Centre of Local History and Ecology "Barkamol Avlod" (Harmonic Generation) Yarigina E.A. 02.18.2016




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