Meat products, as a basis part of menu, are often used with vegetables and dough. Thanks to this Uzbek dishes have pleasant taste, aroma and they are readily degisted.

The assortment of meat dishes and dishes of the second products is very wide. Shashliks, lamb baked in tandir, kasi are very popular.

Ancient recipes of meat products cooking are saved in national cuisine, they are not only fried in fat but they are baked in tandir and over burning hot (live) coals as well.


Fried meat is cooked of lamb or beef mainly in Djizzak, Kashkadarya, Samarkand, Surkhandarya and Tashkent regions. In Djizzak. Samarkand regions meat is served with fried in fat potatoes.

Chop meat with bones into bits 50-60 g size, sprinkle with salt, pepper and fry until done in large quantity of very warmed up fat or vegetable oil.

When serving cut onion into thin rings and place over meat. Garnish with potatoes fried in slices.


This dish is cooked in Samarkand region for festivity days.

Cut flash of beef into pieces 25-30 g size, fry them in fat in large boiler until a golden colour. Then add sliced onion (1:1) and fry until a golden colour, then put salt, zira and mix well.

Place whole ripe tomatoes over meat and onion, close the boiler with the cover and stew until done.

Serve meat with juce and whole tomatoes.


Shashlik is cooked all over the republic. It is fried on shampoors over live coals. String pieces of fat (tail of sheep), onion or fresh ripe tomatoes between meat pieces. Serve with finely sliced onion with greens, sprinkle with vinegar.

Use tender meat for shashlik (thin and thick ends, parts of back leg except white part). Prepare meat preliminary, 10-12 hours before. Cut it into cubes 15-20 g size, add zira, salt, ground black pepper, finely sliced onion, some vinegar, mix well and set it in cool place.

String pieces of meat on shampoors and fry from both sides over live coals. Serve with sliced onion and minced greens.


Minced shashlik as well as shashlik in bits is cooked in all regions of republic. As a rule they use fresh meat (beef or mutton). Put it with onion through the mincer, add salt, zira, ground black or red pepper (if necessary add some vinegar). Mix minced meat and set in cool place for 2-3 hours. Then form it into small sausages, string on shampoors and fry over live coals.

Serve with onion cut into rings or with onion and minced greens having sprinkled with vinegar.


It is cooked only in Khorazm. Cut not fat mutton (beef) into pieces 90-100 g size. Slice pieces into sheets 1,0-1,5 cm thick, then sprinkle with salt and pepper, place on tongs and fry over burning coal from both sides.

When serving cut it into small pieces and serve with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.


It is cooked in all regions of republic. Cut prepared liver into bits 12-15 g size, fat tail of sheep — 8-10 g size, sprinkle with salt, pepper, mix, string on shampoors with fat and fry over live coals.

Serve in hot condition with appetizer of onion.


This dish is cooked only in Surkhandarya, Kashkadarya regions and in mountain districts of Djizzak region, in other words there where mountain fir (archa) grows. Thanks to substance made of fir and fat at high temperature meat gets pleasant taste and aroma of baked product.

It is cooked in tandirs. For this heat tandir until its walls become white; sprinkle large bits of meat with salt, pepper, zira, minced garlic and string on nut-tree and apricot-tree stricks (a little more than tandir’s hole long). Gather the rest of burned fire-wood to the middle, put the basin with water on them and hung up the meat in the way it does not tough the water. Put meat on dry fir-tree twigs. Cover tandir with basin and set aside for 40-60 minutes (it depends on bits mass). Then take the meat out, shake the rest of twigs and cool. Use mainly in cooled condition.


Often it is cooked in Kashkadarya, Samarkand and Surkhandarya regions, in some districts of Bukhara region and in Fergana valley.

Heat tandir until its walls become white. Gather burned rest of fire-wood to the middle. Cut liver in bits 12-15 cm size, sprinkle them with salt and ground red pepper. Stick them as round cakes on burning hot walls of tandir.

Before serving cut hot liver into smaller pieces and sprinkle with onion.


Khalesa is considered to be a ritual dish. It is cooked only in Samarkand and in some districts of Samarkand region at Navruz festivity at the rate of block (mahalla) or village inhabitants. Khalesa is cooked early in the morning before sun rise.

Put meat cut into large bits with bones into large boilers (1 part of beef and 3 parts of mutton), pour over cold water at the rate of 2,5 kg per 1 kg and boil until meat is done. Then add wheat cereals (ground grains) and boil for 5-6 hours mixing constantly and adding boiled water. Close the boiler with cover, low fire and leave for 6-8 hours until dense sticky mass forms.

Khalesa can be cooked with milk, add it 30-40 minutes it is ready.