Tashkent - ancient and modern city at the same time!

UNESCO contributes Tashkent in the list of world cultural heritage cities, because there are architectural monuments of ancient, medieval and modern architecture.

Exactly the combination of antiquity and modernity creates a unique look of Tashkent.

In different historical epochs Tashkent received various adjectives that characterize the spirit of the city:

Tashkent - the City of Stone.

Tashkent - the city of the sun.

Tashkent - the City Garden.

Tashkent - grain city.

Tashkent - the City of Friendship.

Tashkent - the City of Peace.

Tashkent - the City of Legends.

Tashkent - the city of happiness.

Exactly about this versatility of Tashkent tell this tour.