Tashkent - is not only the capital of Uzbekistan and modern city, but it is also a historica heritage of our country, which is carefully guarded and stored. We offer you a tour that will show the chronology of the emergence and development of Tashkent city from ancient times to the present.

The tour starts with an ancient fortress architecture of the city - ancient city of Ming Urik, Shash-Tepa, Yunusabad Ak-Tepa. Then you will visit the medieval architecture, which is represented by well-known Tashkent mosques, mausoleums and madrassas.

The next stage in our tour - Architecture of 19-20-century, which shows the so-called "Turkestan modern" Soviet classicism and modernism.

The completion of our tour will serve an overview of the modern architecture of Independence and Humanism, which embodies the bright democratic ideals and national traditions of Uzbekistan.