Duration: 4 - 6   hours


Gulkam canyon - located on the east side of the Big Chimghan.

The route starts from the Tashkent highway - Brichmulla through pass Sand (1870 m) through dense bushes on not difficult, scenic trail (40-60 minutes before the pass). From the pass there is a wonderful view of the upper part of Gulkam- sai, the eastern part of the Greater Chemgana, tops Hunting and Feathers. Descent on rocky sloping path to the beginning of a small stream. Then the path is in the shade of birch trees, growing along the creek to the confluence with Kichkina Cook-Caem having start from the eastern slopes of the warhead, which is more deep than Gulkam-sai. 50 meters away from the merger at the beginning of the gorges Gulkam-sai eight-meter waterfall. During the descent, it is recommended to use a rope.  The gorges represent narrow gorge to a width of 6 m with almost vertical cliffs up to 100 m in some places.

When moving it is necessary to move through the water from one side of the creek to another several times, and since the rocks are smooth and there are no good hooks it is necessary to use a safety rope. The difficulty of the route, depends on the level of water in the creek. The most difficult passage is in the spring, when snow melts in the Big Chimgan and there is frequent recipitation. The simplest one is in August and September. The total length of the gorges is about 150 meters. 

After the going out of the gorges there is Kuylyuk-sai right to Gulkam-sai. It is a place for rest. It is not recommended to do an overnight stay here because during precipitation may occur  mud flow or water will rise.  Mudflow usually start in the upper Kichkina Cook-say and passes through the gorge, where it can reach a height of 10 m. Therefore, the deterioration of the weather hike through the gorge is not recommended. The total duration of the route without lodging is 4-6 hours.

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