Duration: 1 day

 The route starts from the section of the road Tashkent -Brichmulla between Cretaceous pass and tourist complex "Chimghan". Hence the ground road branches off to the north, skirting the Kizil-Jar from the west and in 3 km goes to the watershed Kungurbuk, which separates Galvasay and Ishak-Kuprik-sai. The road goes up to the pass Archala, through which a transition is made along a dirt trail to the pass Akshuran.  In spring there are a lot of colorful tulips in these places. There is a splendid view of the Grand Chimghan  and the entire valley of Ishak-Kupruk-sai. It is possible to make a halt here.

      From here the river Ishak-Kuprik-sai begins, along which a descent downward starts.  The Sai (river) is very wide and strongly indented with some smaller sais, overgrown with trees and shrubs. The right slopes of Ishak-Kuprik-sai are argillaceous (clay) and dangerous to pass, as well as its channel in the lower reach.  At the bottom of the sai along a dirt road we go to the highway Khodjikent-Brichmula running along the Charvak water reservoir. Then you can take a dip in the man-made lake, and then on an automobile transportation on the way to Tashkent visit Khodjikent in order to look at petroglyphs  and 800 year old tree (Biota) across the bridge over the river Chirchiq.  Nearby there are a bus station and the railway station "Chinor."