Duration: 11 days – 10 nights

History puts Amir Temur in one row with such famous generals as Alexander the Great, Darius 1, Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan.

Amir Timur more famous as Tamerlane is a Central Asian commander and conqueror, who played a significant role in the history of Asia. On the one hand his numerous victories and conquests and on the other hand, he is also known as a great patron of the arts, literature, and architecture. Tamerlane is the founder of the Timurid Empire (1370), with its capital in Samarkand.

We offer you an unforgettable journey along the path traversed by Amir Temur, which glorified his name through the centuries.

Do not miss an opportunity to enjoy the incredible stories of Tamerlane's life and victories and also to see the beauty which was created by him and his descendants.

Tour Program

Day 1. Tashkent

Arrival in Tashkent and meeting with a tour assistant. Transfer and accommodation at hotel.

inner and overnight at hotel.

Day 2. Tashkent - Urgench - Khiva

Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to the Tashkent Airport for the flight to Urgench. Full day tour of Khiva, the most ancient and conserved city on Silk Road. Visit to the Mohammed Amin Khan Madrassah, the largest one of the city, the Kelte Minor Minaret, commissioned by the khan in XIX century to become the highest one in the Islamic world (70m), but after his death its construction was quitted at the height of 28m; the ancient Kunya Ark fortress built in the XII century and then extended during the XVII century. You will also see a harem, a mint, a stable, an arsenal, a summer mosque and the Mausoleum of Pakhlavan Mahmud, the patron saint of Khiva. Lunch at a private house. Visit to the Islam Khoja Madrassah and Minaret, the most recent monument of Khiva; the Juma Mosque, interesting for its 213 wood columns (3,15m high); the Tosh Howli (ldquo;StoneHouserdquo;); the Allah Kuli Khan Madrassah, Bazaar and Caravanserai. Dinnerandovernightathotel.

Day 3. Khiva - Bukhara

Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to Bukhara through the Kyzyl-Kum Desert. Arrival in the noon.

Lunch at hotel. Free time for recreation. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 4. Bukhara

Breakfast at hotel. A full day of city sightseeing. Visit to the Poi-Kalon Complex, the square separating the Mir-I-Arab Madrassah and the Kalon Mosque; the Kalon Minaret ("grand" from Tajik), one of the Bukhara's symbols of 47m high (XII), three bazaars - TaqiZargaron, TaqiTelpakFurushon and TaqiSarrafon, the Magok-I-Atori Mosque, the remains of a Buddhism monastery, a temple and a mosque, the Nadir Divanbegi Madrassah, built in XVII, the Kukeldash Madrassah, one of the greatest Islamic schools of Central Asia. Lunch at restaurant. In the afternoon visit to the Ark Fortress, a city-in-city, as ancient as Bukhara itself, having served as the residence of Bukhara's governors for a millennium; the Bolo Hauz Mosque, the Ismail Samani Mausoleum (IX-X), one of the most stylish constructions of Central Asia. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 5. Bukhara - Shakhrisabz - Samarkand

Transfer to Shakhrisabz. Arrival and visit to Ak-Saray Palace, the summer residence of Tamerlan (XIV), the KokGumbaz Cathedral, the mosque built by Ulugbek in honor of his father (XV), the meditation house and in the end the Crypt of Temur. Lunch at a private house. Transfer to Samarkand. Arrival and hotel accommodation. Dinnerandovernightathotel.

Day 6. Samarkand

Breakfast at hotel. A full day of city sightseeing. Visit to the Gur Emir (from Tadjik ldquo;Tomb of Emirrdquo;), the Mausoleum of Temur and his descendants (XV), Registan Square, the Bibi Khanym Mosque (XV) and the Siab Bazaar. Lunch at restaurant. In the afternoon continuing sightseeing. Visit to the necropolis of Samarkand rulers and noble men, the Shakhi Zinda, the Ulugbek Observatory (XV), where the remains of grand astrolabe for observation of star position and the Afrasiab ruins with the museum are located.

Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 7. Samarkand - Tashkent

Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to Tashkent. Lunch at restaurant. City sightseeing: Amir Temur Square, Independence Square, the AlisherNavoi Theater, completed in 1947 by Japanese prisoners, the Museum of Applied Arts. Dinnerandovernightathotel.

Day 8. Tashkent - Kokand - Fergana

Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to the Fergana Valley through the Kamchik Pass. Enroute you will see Khudoyar-khan Palace, the cemetery of Kokand Rulers (the Dakma-i-Shakhon and Madori Khan Mausoleums). Lunch in Kokand. Guided tour to the Yodgolik laboratory and silk fabric in Margilan. After the visit, transfer to Fergana. Accommodation at hotel. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 9. Fergana - Fergana Valley

Breakfast at hotel. Visit to the archeological site Kuva (one of the ancient capitals of Central Asia in VI-XIII centuries) and the local museum with archeological findings. Visit to ceramic workshops in Rishtan, the most ancient ceramic center in Central Asia). Lunch at a private house. Transfer back to Fergana. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 10. Fergana - Tashkent

Breakfast at hotel.Transfer to Tashkent. Arrival and accommodation at hotel. Lunch at restaurant.

In the afternoon city sightseeing. Visit to the most important places of the capital. Farewell dinner at a restaurant. Overnight at hotel.

Day 11. Tashkent

Breakfast at hotel.

Transfer to the airport.

The cost includes

  • Meals: BB / HB / FB
  • Alltransfersin AC car
  • All excursions according to the program
  • English speaking guide
  • AirticketsUrgench - Tashkent
  • Entrancetickets.

Cost does not include

  • Tips to guides and drivers
  • Photo and video camera fees.
  • International flight ticket
  • Early check-in and late check-out in hotel;