Duration: 1 day

     (Through the Cretaceous pass).

From the tourist complex "Chimghan" on the highway Tashkent Brichmulla here is situated  the Cretaceous pass.

After 200 meters turn to the left near the sign "Marble River" and along the road, then follow the path downward.On the right there is a Children's Health Camp. First, the trail goes hollow, and then the track of the Marble River begins to climb up on the marble outcrop formations. There are a lot of these marble baths, in which you can fresh up and also find fossilized shells. When the marble shores end, you can make a halt, move to the left bank and begin the descent, collecting memory fossils along the way.

Soon gorges begin, which is better to get around on the right as to pass through the gorges insurance over the rope and climbing skills are needed.After going down on the right along the safety path we reach the channel of the river. Then it is possible to visit a 10 meter high waterfall.

In half an hour from the waterfall we easily descend along the channel of the river to the Marble Road, which runs from the lower station of the cableway «Beldersoy». There we can wait for ordered vehicles. Another option - walking to Chimghan. First, along this road to the highway Tashkent- Brichmulla on which through the Cretaceous pass to Chimghan there are about 5 km.  Along the road koumiss is sold.