Duration: 7 days 6 nights

The south of Kyrgyzstan - an amazing and wonderful region. It's beautiful, original and totally different from other regions of country. The warm climate, wonderful nature, the white peaks of the mountains, hospitable people - all this is an advantage and the pride of Kyrgyzstan.

Tour program:

Day 01. Osh

Meet the group.

Hotel accommodation.

Dinner. Overnight.

Day 02. Osh

Excursion  of Osh, one of the oldest cities in Central Asia, with a visit to:

• the old bazaar (from the II century BC.);

• hereditary artisans workshops:

• blacksmith shops where you can buy oriental dagger directly from the forge;

• Beshik series - Eastern cradles, where you will learn all the rules and customs of the placing of the child, as well as celebrations associated with these procedures;

• making workshop tandyrs. Masters will share with you the secrets of clay processing and manufacturing of its unique clay oven for baking cakes;

• Art Gallery Saimaluu - Tash, displaying hand-made art of the Kyrgyz people;

• walk through the old quarter of the city (VIII century BC);

• Mosques and visit the medieval garden Rabat Abdulla khan XVI.

   Lunch at the foot of Takht-Y-Suleiman.

Tour the mountain Takht-and-Suleiman to visit:

  • Museum of the spiritual culture, displaying the beliefs of the peoples living;
  • Settlements and places of worship of Zoroastrians priests Late Bronze Age;
  • Cool caves and grottos, each of which has an interesting history;
  • "Stone clinic" in the open air;
  • The most high situated mosque in the city of Takht-i-Suleiman (height 1106 m above s.l.);
  • Observation platform, overlooking the entire city of Osh;
  • The ruins of a medieval bath XVI century.;
  • Gallery of petroglyphs of the LateBronze Age (XIV-XIII century BC);
  • Mausoleum AsafibnBurhiya XVII-XVIII century.

Day 03. Osh-Kozhokelen

Excursion to the picturesque place in the northern spurs of the Pamir - Kozhokelen place - fabulous city of unusual red and gray rocks of the Jurassic period, and weathered resembling ancient castles and palaces.

Kozhokelen village - a distinctive world of nomadic people, who kept their traditions and customs, because the road to the village was opened only in 1985!

A trip to Kozhokelen takes 2.5 hours and will be held by:

• picturesque Papan reservoir supplying water for its many settlements, including the city of Osh;

• Papan village;

• Canyon Sharpyldak (Babbling) 22 km;

• Canyon Chal-Kuiruk (Old tail) 3 km;

   Arrive village Kozhokelen.

• walking excursion to the Blue Grotto;

• excursion to a waterfall Kozhokelen;

Lunch in the meadow at the Blue Grotto.

 Departure to the city of Osh

 On arrival you will wait for a traditional dinner of nomads - tashkordo, which literally means "meat cooked on stones." This lamb baked in a pit - an ancient dish Asian nomads and warriors. One of the favorite dishes of Genghis Khan. This meal - it's a ritual. Before you will be served directly lamb - you can taste another 5 dishes prepared from it. Dinner is designed for 10-12 people.

Day 04. Osh-Uzgen-Sary-Chelek

Departure to the city of Uzgen. A pleasant 40 minute trip on one of the routes of the Great Silk Road.

Excursion in Uzgen with a visit:

• Historical and Architectural Complex

 XI-XIIc .;

• Medieval acting XIV-XVI centuries baths.,

• Imam Sarahsgumbez, who lived in Uzgen in the XI century and made an enormous contribution to the development of Islamic jurisprudence;

• Panorama Uzgen rice paddies, where rice is grown famous devzra;

• rice market in Uzgen, where you will be told how to choose

the best variety of rice, as well as the secrets of cooking the most delicious oriental dishes - pilaf.

Lunch at the tea house by the river Kara-Darya. You can taste the favorite dish of residents of the Fergana Valley - Uzgen rice pilaf devzra.

Departure village  Arkyt.

 Arrival in village Arkyt.



Day 05. Sary-Chelelek

A trip to the lake Sary-Chelek (15 km.). The road will pass through mountain forest, an abundance of walnut.

Walk around the lake. Sary-Chelek and Kyla Kol.


Return to the village.

Day 06. Sary-Chelek

Departure to Osh

Arrival. Overnight. 

Day 07.Transfer the group to airport

The cost includes

  • Transfers on round;
  • Services of the guide;
  • Meals: Breakfast; 
  • Accommodation;
  • Entrance tickets;

Cost does not include

  • Tips to guides and drivers;
  • Photo & video camera fees;
  • International flight ticket;
  • Early check-in and late check-out in hotel;
  • Meals: Lunch and dinner.