Duration: 5 days - 4 nights

The tour program

 "Beldersoy" - Chet Kumbel (1880 m.) - Kumbel Pass (2550 m.) - Tahta (2620 m.) - Jar (2936 m.) - Pass Polat (2590 m.) - Pulatkhan Plateau 

Best time for travel: June – October

Day 1

From the lower station of Beldersoy cableway on the main road to the cattle-path distillation, in which the output of the pass - Chet Kumbel (1880 m.). Camp near the spring. Continue along the ridge to the east the Big Chimghan. The trail leads through the pass Kumbel (2550 m.). After a 50 minutes of walk along the trail - a group of boulders with petroglyphs. On a dark background of the desert "sunburn" stones are clearly visible silhouettes of goats, sheep, some signs. A little further along the ridge the trail descends into the origins of Nurekaty, drying in the summer, crosses several buttresses and steep climb to the pass Tahta (2620 m.). From the Tahta pass Pulatkhan appears and you can see the origins of the Kara-Archa.

Here, the first overnight.

Day 2

Next the trail passes the saddle, turn right and cutting the buttress, splits. Hence, the right-hand path is directed along the ridge of the mountain Karangur Jar (2936 m), and the left goes down to the roots of Karaarchi. Again there are petroglyphs on the rocks. After ther is Jar Mingzhilki mountain (2842 m.). Further is descent to the sources at the foot Karangur. The descent is very light and has a slight slope. On-site overnight lots of green grass, a couple of springs and a lot of soft moss.
Day 3

The rise on the ridge Karangur. Move along the crest of the pass Karangur Polat (2,590 m.), leading to a plateau Pulatkhan. Excursion to Pulatkhan Plateau (2823 m.). Visit the caves. Camp 3 is set near the source of the river Kara-Archa.

Day 4

Return along the ridge Karangur, and then along the ridge to a compound with Mingzhilki Mirzabaev crest, descend along the ridge to the river Mirzabaev Nurekata, setting up a camp on the bank of the river, a visit to the upper river Nurekata, inspection Nurekatinskih gorges. Available fishing for marinka.

Day 5

Crossing the river Nurekata, ascent to the pass-Chet Kumbel transition from the pass to the memorial Beldersoy. There is departure to Tashkent from the cableway.

Note. Water in summer there is only in one place on the eastern edge of the plateau.

The cost includes

  • Transport;
  • Guide + cook;
  • Donkeys;
  • Tent, sleeping pad, a gas burner;
  • 3 meals per day.

Cost does not include

  • International air ticket;
  • Entry tickets;
  • Tip to guide and drivers;
  • early check-in and late check-out in hotel.